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Our Mission
Three years ago we found a simple solution to a serious problem. As firefighters, we serve our communities, and happily take the risks associated with the role. But when one of our own is down, time management and reliable equipment solutions are critical to a rescue. 

Here’s where the Jack Strap and P.A.L. Strap come in. When we discovered we had a good idea, we wanted to share it. We learned about production, product testing, marketing, sales… all things we’d never done before. We learned so we could get this life-saving equipment out to as many of our friends and co-workers as possible.

With production now in full swing, we’re excited to officially launch our product line of Patient-Assist-Lift straps and Firefighter rescue straps.

The Jack Strap
The Original Article. Our patent-pending, specialized use equipment for rescuing emergency workers. Compatible with standard breathing apparatus.
Patient Assist Lift Straps

The P.A.L. Strap
You work hard to make life easier for your patients. Now, let us do the same for you.
The Patient Assist Lift Strap (patent pending) helps healthcare providers, first responders and home caregivers safely and easily lift a patient to a chair, cot, or standing position – with minimal strain on the patient and the caregiver.
The P.A.L. Strap is available in three sizes, Standard, Large, and X-Large to accommodate patients of various sizes. A kit comes with a carry case, all three sizes, and a quick-reference guide to get you started.