Getting Started with the P.A.L. Strap



  • Polyester Webbing, 1500D Polyester Thread


  • Thermomolded EVA, 1680D Shell, Soft-touch Jersey Interior
  • YKK zippers


  • Standard: 2″ x 44″, 4mm thick
  • Large: 2″ x 50″, 4mm thick
  • XLarge: 2″ x 56″, 4mm thick

Strength Rating

  • Standard: Breaking Strength: 18,000 lbs
  • Large: Breaking Strength: 18,000 lbs
  • XLarge: Breaking Strength: 18,000 lbs

Additional Info

  • Reflective Tracers for low visibility situations
  • Heavy-duty stitching for superior strength and durability

What’s Included

  • All three P.A.L. Strap Sizes: Standard, Large, XLarge
  • The P.A.L. Strap Carrying Case
  • Setup and Instructional Guide, w/ info for care, cleaning, storing, etc.
  • Access to online training videos
Maintenance and Cleaning: The P.A.L. Strap should only be hand-cleaned with soap and water or germicidal disinfectant cleaner.

No bleach. Rinse thoroughly, let air dry.

For best results, clean the strap before inspection. Inspect at least once a month or after evidence of damage or contamination. Inspect the strap for cleanliness, contamination, heat damage, fabric or material damage, thread or seam damage, discoloration, continued reflectivity of reflective trim, worn areas, etc. If damage has occurred, the strap should be taken out of service for cleaning, evaluation and/or disposal.

The First Res Warranty: Our P.A.L. Straps carry a lifetime warranty against defective materials and workmanship. Should a strap become unusable due to provable normal wear and tear, the strap will be replaced at no cost to the user.

Storage: Store your P.A.L. Strap safely away from: Sharp edges or objects that could cut or tear the strap, extreme temperatures that could dry or weaken the straps, and excessive moisture that could promote rot or mildew.

Instructions: Do not use this Patient Assist Lift strap until you have read and understood the provisions of the included Quick Reference card and the information provided on the labels. This product is only to be used for lift assist and short-distance movements, such as lifting a patient into a chair or stretcher. This strap is NOT for transporting, treating, or stabilizing a patient with trauma or medical injuries. Proper lifting techniques must be executed when using this product.

Your organization must independently evaluate the suitability of your P.A.L. Strap on a regular basis to determine their condition and usability. Do not continue to use a P.A.L. Strap that’s damaged, contaminated, or otherwise doesn’t pass inspection. It’s also the end user’s responsibility to be familiar with the applicable OSHA and department lifting standards. First Res Equipment, LLC warrants its structural strap to be free from defects in workmanship for the serviceable life of the product when used by appropriately trained personnel following proper lift assist procedures and when the product’s warning use and care instructions are followed.